Timeless Classic Denim Revived



The team behind Hausse Denim are a couple with significant collective experience and know-how of the way manufacturing industries work. They have first- hand experience into the development and production of denim products.

The team are thorough in ensuring that the denim is expertly crafted and produced keeping in line with the highest of quality standards. Years of market research and planning paid off when their vision of an in-house brand specialising in denim came to fruition with the launch of Hausse Denim.

Hausse Denim is a pure denim brand based in London. Our products are designed in the UK and our range features authentic denim products.

We specialise in denim jeans; they are of premium quality and are made to last. We are in it for the long haul. Our designs are simple, yet classic and elegant.

So, what makes us unique? At Hausse Denim, the sheer attention to detail of the design and fit to ensure your comfort, is our prime focus. We are extremely selective; from choosing the right button to testing out the entire product.

What sets us apart even further is that, while our products have been thoroughly tested for quality assurance, we also promise to bring them to you for a better price than our competitors. With us, you pay for the product rather than the packaging. 

As a company, we are committed to abide by our promise to honour our diligent staff and our customers. This is an exciting phase for us, as we are developing some unique products to bring to you. Watch this space!